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5 key questions to ask Mr Edobor on his defence for attempting to kill his wife.

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ivie-collage-1024x1024On November 14th, I interviewed and posted about the alleged Mr John Edobor of Zenith Bank’s attempt on his wife’s life. You can read it here . This  particular incident happened about 5 months a go and the victim has been trying to get justice to no avail until some women decided to escalate the matter through publicity so that the world would know what is happening.  After a much pressure from interest groups and social media publicity to the matter, Zenith Bank has finally fired their abusive staff who since the 5 months has been acting invincible.

Waking up today, I was alerted to his supposed defence for his reason for attacking his wife or should I say denying that he attacked his wife. I will spare you the details, however, if you wish to equip yourself on that, you can read it here as well. I have carefully examined both his ‘evidence, his account of the incident and all other allegations he has made against his wife. Read it here .

Now, I’m not a lawyer also it would be good to note that I do not see myself as feminist rather a humanist. You do not also need to take my analysis as a conclusion to the case either however, these are some common sense questions to unravel any hidden agenda.  After reading through my key questions, then you can make up your mind.

Why am I interested in this case? I actually very upset and angry and it pains me on how in Africa and most parts of the world women are treated so unfairly . Having seen my own mother suffer so much for no just cause, I know it’s my duty to put to an end these issues of having to treat women recklessly and going scot-free especially in Nigeria. An average Nigerian man thinks it’s ok to maltreat, manipulate, use, abuse and in some cases dump a woman at will. Not in this era except the woman refused to speak out.


Now my questions to Mr John Edobor and his supporters based on his own account.

  1. You married a woman, finds out she had been legally married before and never told you. Then you continued the marriage, you didn’t divorce or file for damages etc?
  2. You found out your wife is reckless with money, has no integrity, borrows money from colleagues and sundry for no reason . You didn’t raise alarm, you didn’t divorce her?
  3. You found out your wife had borrowed lots of money from people you’re not aware of and you didn’t get to the bottom of it?
  4. You and your wife separated for 2 years , you started living with another woman then you go to her house at 1 am waiting for her to discuss and began to attack her man friend?
  5. You claimed that what broke her bones that has kept her on wheelchair for over 5 months now was hammer blow meant for you that landed on her leg. Just one untargeted hammer smashed her bones ?
  6. The bonus point. Why is it that majority of your  paper evidences are so blurry and illegible ? On what platforms where the chats held?
  7. And finally, why have you not spoken out since this incident and you had to wait till Zenith Bank sacks you and the case upgraded to attempted murder, for you to bring your defence.

john-and-ivie-edoborYou see it’s very easy for righteous African men and women to start throwing stone at a woman on the account of promiscuity or whatever excuse a man gives that suits him. Men would make countless mistakes and African women are expected to cope with it. But no. Mere answering your husband back has qualified you for a mob beating in Nigeria and as a woman you deserve stoning to death.

In this case, I’m not interested if Ivie (the wife) is a saint or a devil . What I do know is that Mr John Edobor (Husband) has no right whatsoever to lay his hands on her let alone give her a life changing injury.

To the court of public opinion,  do you have any justifiable reason for such grievous bodily harm?




One thought on “5 key questions to ask Mr Edobor on his defence for attempting to kill his wife.”

  1. Prince Eze Ihenacho says:

    In all he said the exwife did, the pivotal question is how would his violence be a remedy to them? Has he and other people who resort to violence not enough brain to understand that violence only makes a bad situation worse? Who are the parents producing these monsters destroying mankind and at times condoning their evil and shameful acts? Violent families are always likely to produce violent individuals, this I know. A dreadful shame indeed!

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