Fauntee’s Mentoring Club

Fauntee's Mentoring Club for young womenMentoring is greatly important for personal, career, social, financial, marital and spiritual development. To be a confident woman ready to lead herself and the world around you, you must first discover yourself, your purpose, your values. These are prerequisite to achieving success in life.
Unfortunately, so many people do not realise this and therefore do not see it as something worth doing. But the surprise, surprise is that there is no successful world leader who has no mentor.

Having experienced and navigated my life for the best and still growing, I’m in the place where I want to use my passion to impact more and more young women to become their better selves.
In the past few years more and more young women have come to me to mentor them. Having done this behind the scene for a while helping these young women to attain success gives me great joy and now I want more and more women to benefit from this passion and knowledge.

At Fauntee’s Mentoring club, you gain so much including;

1. A monthly group mentoring session.
2. Free motivational members only articles you can access on my website.
3. You have opportunity to access personal check up sessions
4. You have opportunity to meet other successful women in various career come in to give you talks on various issues including emotional, spiritual, career and personal development.
5. A Fauntee’s club mentee is aimed a becoming more confident, aware of self and become more clear with what they want out of life and have the healthy motivation powered by action to actualise those goals.
6. You are encouraged to set goals and driven to actualise them.
7. You have opportunity to attend Faustina’s career and leadership booth camps, workshops and conferences.
8. You will learn the necessary body languages for success.
9. Become confident within yourself from understanding and embracing who you are, and setting out to your own journey of success.
10. Gain from wealth of knowledge, contacts and true life stories that will not just empower you but will set you free from self doubt.
And more…

I’m passionate about helping more and ore girls become successful in every areas of their lives. Therefore, at this moment in time, I mentor young females only. You must be 18years and above. Any younger person must have their responsible adult contact me first to discuss possibilities of joining the group.

Is The Mentoring Club free?
Yes and No. Your registration fee is only a fraction towards covering costs associated with your mentoring.

To apply join my mentoring club fill out the form below.