Knocking the knockers – A book by Faustina Anyanwu, coming soon.

Knocking the Knockers.
We all have knockers knocking us as we go through life. In this upcoming book ive done alot to capture the various types of knockers and how their activities influence our outcome as well as different ways to beat the activities of the knocker, how to knock back and be in charge of your own life.

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Knocking the knockers - Faustina Anyanwu

Knockers are those things that keep us from reaching our optimum ability. They are the bullies of life according to my daughter – Jidechi.

The Knockers

People Knockers – Family, Friends, Colleagues, acquaintances, associates etc. Sometimes even with the best intention could become a stumbling block to your progress.

Circumstance/Environment Knockers– Background, financial status, government policies, beliefs (religious, cultural), educational status, illness, unemployment, etc.

Self Knocker – Habits, attitude, beliefs, thoughts, etc.

Role of each Knocker –
Although all knockers aim to achieve the same goal with you, they however work as a team in different dimensions accomplishing different roles.

People knocker – Say you can’t. They build a box. “These are people who define themselves by their perceived failure of others”. – John Bird Founder of Big Issue.- Change your life.

Circumstance knocker – Show you can’t – They force you into the box built by the people.

Self knocker – You accept you can’t and decide to stay in the box.

In all the knockers, self is the champion, the determiner of outcome. Without your cooperation, without your partnership, agreement, the other two will seize to function.

Knocking the knockers is a 150 page self help book from Faustina Anyanwu, another inspirational content filled with personal stories and illustrations to inspire and shape your thinking, positioning you for success (whatever that means to you).

Out early 2019.
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Copyright Faustina Anyanwu 2018.


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    ‘Knocking the knockers!’ Brilliant title and about time too! I can’t wait!

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