First Generation Entrepreneurs mentoring

If you’re the first in your family to start a business it can be a really bumpy ride. Making sure you have a positive voice loudest for you, a strong shoulder to lean on, and someone to listen to your many ideas and get it, is a really get investment to make.
You need someone cheering you on, guiding you through the turbulence. You need a listening ear, and understanding one to lament to. You need a hand to hold you up.

My one on one or group mentoring has provided a host of first generation entrepreneurs and startup the foundation they need to grow their ideas and stay strong as entrepreneurs.

Course Outline

In this on-going course, our top priority is to cover –

  1. Introduction to business
  • Types of business modules.
  • Selecting your suitable business module.
  • Business registrations (if you are in the UK I will help you to register your business).

2. Target audience and targetting.

3. Understanding taxes and record keeping.

4. Funding and cashflow

5. Branding and marketing.

6. Social media and going online.

7. Negotiation and collaboration.

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