Faustina Anyanwu


Black successful woman

Hello there,
I teach, I speak, I talk, I walk with you, I help and I’m here to help make your idea come true.

In my 5 years of working and walking my businesses from scratch, I have through my experiences and learning acquired so much knowledge that will help you grow from wherever you are at the moment to where you want to be.

My services include:
– Editing and proofreading.
– Copywriting.
– Press release writing.
– Product and or brand/business description writing.
– Profiling for media and professional use.
– Preparing your manuscript.
– Business consulting – I’ll help you review your strategy, and suggest ways you develop and grow your business.
– Branding consultation.
– Project/Event management/planning.
– Speaking – I’m interested in speaking to women in business, start ups, young women/girls empowerment. And on social issues such as; divorce, diversity, domestic violence, and mental health.
For international speaking/presentation booking please contact me first. Also if any of your jobs have not been listed in the booking table, please contact me first to discuss your project.

I’m all for collaborations and supporting genuine causes. If you’re a charity or your event is for a cause towards a charity, get in touch. Also, if you think we can work on a collaborative terms that are mutually beneficial to both of us, then by all means do send me your proposal and we can take it from there. Otherwise please book your session below.

For any booking enquiry email: info@faunteebon.com