Faustina Anyanwu


Faustina is so talented! As soon as she sat to speak with me, I could see she was very much prepared . She had researched about me, spoke as if she knew who I was sinceI was born. What moved me the most was her willingness to teach, guide, coach and mentor others, especially, women. I knew immediately that I was safe in her hands. At the end of our first meeting, I took her advice, put it into action, and wow! It opened unimaginable doors. Thank you sis, as I call her. Thank you so much.

Juliet Okoye-Hammond – Doctoral Researcher, Health Care Manager and Personal Health Budget Lead.

I have grown from strength to strength in my own business and owe many thanks to Faustina, who over the years, coached and encouraged me into doing my own thing. The doubts and numerous questions pushed her way, were always met with logical and straightforward answers, which sometimes included a “Do-it-Yourself” advice or homework. As a mentee, you need a mentor you can fully trust to tell you what you need to hear and know, not what you want, to push you and help you discover your full potential and what greatness lies in you.

Gayle Ngozi – Actor, Presenter, Model, and Fashion Consultant.

Faustina is a great woman to know and be mentored by. I remember the first session we had. She readily made herself available and invited me to one of her favourite venues in London where she goes to think and plan her next big idea. She shared her journey with me from start to current , the highs and the lows, both personal and professional. At the end of the meeting she set me on an assignment to begin thinking about the direction I wanted my life to go in. It was her warmthand honesty that confirmed she was someone I wanted to work with and a powerful, trailblazing Divas of Colour I wanted to learn from.

Tola Erinle – Data Manager at University College London.