Religious or Not, God’s Principles Do Not Change.

For all those religious debaters, I’m inspired to share this. There is only one God. It doesn’t matter what you choose to him, it, her – Allah, God, higher power, karma, vibration, Mother Nature, Whatever. God remains God – the creator.

Whether you’re  a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, traditionalist, Aetheist, Scientists, we all believe there’s a higher power that created things.

All religions and beliefs have one thing in common. They all follow rituals (routines).

But God follows principles and consequences, which he continues to demonstrate throughout his creations. There is principles of good and bad, sowing and reaping, patience and impatience.

Humans choose to follow rituals in looking for God whilst God everyday continues to show you what he is about through the simple principles you will find in the seed, air, water, and just the atmosphere. The simple principle that everything you do has consequences.

If you sow you reap. If you put your fingers into fire they will burn. If you lie, you destroy.  If you hate, you destroy. If you kill you destroy. If you love you build.

Sadly, every single religion till date continue to fight for God even when God clearly says do not fight for me. Just follow my principles and those who do not will face the consequences of their actions.

But every human likes to play the annoying big sibling who wants to take  the place of parents – shouting at and beating one another, punishing each other against the parent’s orders.

In this life, God is clear. Follow my principles and you will prosper, you will have health, wealth, happiness and all the good things. Refuse to follow my principles and you will have diseases, poverty, pain, wars, hunger and all the bad things we blame him for. We still have time to change and our ways and start following God’s principles and leave religion alone.

As we come into the new year, let us have in mind that religion can’t save you and you can’t find God in any religion. Rather, you will find him in you, in his creations and his wisdom is clearly embedded in these things, teaching us everyday what to do and what not to do.

Whatever you choose to call him, however you choose to find him and worship him, remember it doesn’t matter. What matters is what you do with his principles. Will you follow the way of light and not the way of darkness today? Love not hate? Sowing and building and not destruction?

For God is God the creator of heaven and earth and he will surely comeback for his property.

Are you ready to show the landlord his property in a clean and maintained state? Will he evict you or extend your stay? This decision is yours to make. You have another opportunity to clean up and be ready for your landlord.

Happy Christmas and new year.
Faustina Anyanwu
26th December 2020.
All rights reserved.