Nigeria My Beloved Country by Funmi Adam.

I grew up listening to this music by Funmi Adam. We were full of hopes and pride in our country Nigeria. Listening to this song again today makes me cry, makes me cry harder than I knew I would.

What happened to our dear country? Why are we all out here in a strange land, relaxed, forgetting we have a responsibility to build our country, to make it a land of our pride, a land we can all home again.

As I write this, I have tears in my eyes and my kids are wondering why just a song that they too have come to cherish would make me cry. But, they won’t get it. They will not know how much they’re missing being born in this strange land while our homeland filled with milk and honey, Sun and warmth is being thrashed by lunatics who call themselves leaders.

Like Funmi has it here, the future of Nigeria is you and me. What are you doing to bring back Nigeria’s glory?  Enjoy the song and sing along with the lyrics below.

Nigeria my beloved country song by Funmi Adam.


I know a lot about my country

I know a lot because I care;

I know a lot about the people

I know a lot because I’m here.

Nigeria, my beloved country

Working together is the key

Nigeria, my beloved country,

Our future is you and me

Land of iron, land of coal

Agriculture, oil and coal

They are assets that we own

Round the world, our name is known

Nigeria, my beloved country

Working together is the key Nigeria,

My beloved country, our future is you and me

I know we have a great potential

To do more than just survive

Let’s build up our strength and pride

Trust in God to be our God

Nigeria, my beloved country.

Working together is the key

Nigeria, my beloved country.

Our future is you and me


  1. Omoya Salaudeen says:

    This is a perfect song. Each time I listen to it, my prayers go to Nigeria. My daughter also loves it. God bless Nigeria. Amen.

  2. Akinyemi Akinwande says:

    Indeed!, i grew up listening to this song and it is still a favourite. But where is the woman, FUNMI ADAMS

  3. Prince Eze says:

    I play this song in my school every October 1 as children file out to celebrate Nigeria’s Independence Day. The song is inspirational and calls for a moment of reflection for the grown ups. As a nation, we are still marking time and not moving forward.

  4. Pius Oyakhilome says:

    I grew up listening to this song but don’t really know the author.
    The song is short but filled with messages. May God in His infinite mercies return our lost glory as a country with good Leaders. Amen.

  5. Comment*
    The song is inspiring. The dream of a great Nigeria which flowered at independence, the yearning for brotherhood whose ensign dominated the political horizon has been cosigned to oblivion. What a sleeping giant of Africa. May God restore our pride of place in the world.

    1. Umana Imeh says:

      I just can’t stop loving this song. I just feel like crying listening to it. Also considering the moral decadence of this time… Thank you
      so much Mr Faustina Anyanwu. May God bless you and your family real good for this lyrics. Stay blessed Sir.

  6. Kassim Moshood A says:

    It is not just the song, but our own contributions to make it a better place to live. This is my cry n my plead. Thank you

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