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Category Archives: Articles

You Can Change the Narrative one Expression at a Time.

“The little actions we take or not are the things that form the norm.” Faustina Anyanwu. You all know how much I am against the “Poor Children in Africa” narrative. Today, I had an opportunity to bring about one little change at a time. On

Successful Black Woman

How Charity giving is harming Africa’s growth and development

The hand-out charity ideology is killing Africa and must stop immediately, if we must get on with being part of world’s leadership. A friend contacted me about her project of gathering sanitary pads to be sent to girls to her rural community and I asked

Successful Black Woman

Africans in diaspora must rise up and rebuild Africa.

REBUILDING AFRICA IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY. AFRICANS IN DIASPORA ARE THE LAST HOPE OF AFRICA. SIT UP OR FOREVER REMAIN A CLEANING RAG. If you want to see Africa as a continent and Nigeria as a country to sit up and meet the basic requirements of

Sticky PostTuneIn By Faustina Anyanwu

Tune In: Fauntee’s Inspirational Quotes For Success.

Coming Soon! Title: Tune In Subtitle: Fauntee’s Inspirational Quotes For Success. Format: Paperback. ISBN: 9780993041730 Size: 148 x 210mm Portrait . No. Pages – 200. Language: English Date of Release: 18/01/2018 Publisher: Faunteewrites Limited. “The wisdom you seek is on the pages you never opened.”-

The Sojourner’s dialogue by Faustina Anyanwu

The Sojourner’s dialogue, a poem by Faustina Anyanwu

The breeze of life is short The life of growth is ageless A heart of love is deep. Where the heart of love dwells Peace and trust are deeper than wells. See the snows are white but never pure Compared to the purity of a

How to stay safe on social media

Protect your cyber space as you would your physical life.

The same precautions you take in your physical environment applies on your cyber space. You wouldn’t open yourself up to strangers without caution and having your own health and safety in place. You’re not going to let people prey on you, use, cheat and take