Online Webinar: Negotiation for business and career growth

đź•” LIVE August 25th,17:00 UK time
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Online webinar event negotiation

Do you find it difficult to say no to bad deals?
Do you always feel dissatisfied after almost every transaction?
Are you finding it hard to ask for promotions at work?
Do you feel undeserving to succeed in your business or career?
Do you feel like fraud doing wgat to do?
Do you find it hard charging the price you’re worth?
Do you desire to see growth in your life?
Do you feel your life does not reflect how hard you work?

Then this workshop is for you.

This webinar will provide a high quality self assessment guide.

Give you opportunity to evaluate yourself.

You will learn the principles and elements of negotiation and understand how to use them effectively to decide what is best for you.


As an added bonus, the webinar will include:
– a Q&A session
– an ebook of the complete course.
– Receive a playback if you’re unable to attend live.

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