Fauntee Quotes: Quote on reading.

People are constantly looking for solutions to their problems, looking to understand the times we’re in, looking for how to succeed in life. Yet they refuse to pick up a book to read. They do not know that, that very book you ignored has in it all that you’ve been searching for all your life.

It’s even more relevant now to pay attention to this quote to make a meaning out of it in your own life. Especially now when only books by celebrities, personalities and people in the public eye are what people are cuing up in line to buy, disregarding a wealth of treasure scattered all over in their faces. The truth is that those unknown, poor writers are more passionate and have more stories and lessons to tell and teach than those you already know.
Remember, “treasures are never decorated for you to take, they’re always kept in forms you will never desire.”

The question is;
How many books have you read in the last month and how many do you intend reading by the end of the year?

What books are you reading?

Step into your tomorrow with boldness, pick up a book today.

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Faustina’s quote on importance of reading.