No! They lied to us. We’re all still running the rat race.

They lied to us.For years and years and generations they’ve continued to lie to us. We, all of us are still in the rat race. There’s no getting out of it in a corrupt system as capitalism. A system of survival of the fittest, a system of the jungle. You and I know that in the jungle, you are only as safe as your last meal. Even the dreaded ‘Big Cats’ are also hunted. How then can you be convinced that in a system where this is practiced that you can out smart the race?

Growing up we were sold the myth of education is the lifeline to a successful happy life, then we all went to school, worked so hard, came out best students in our area of choosing. You come out of school, they said, after school you need to gain experience. You again give your all, finally you got the job. May or may not be your dream job. Then the struggle begins.

Your life becomes all about the job, you’re in constant fear of losing your job. You discover that your happy and successful life is as good as your last salary which regardless of what you earn is never enough to solve your problems. Your ‘huge salary’ is never proportionate to the ever rising inflation and currency devaluation. Inflation is at 200% increase and your salary if ever it gets, is on 1 to 10% increase. And when it does, you give thanks, go for a celebratory shopping spree.

One month later you find that your celebration was rather too early and exaggerated. And you’re back to adding and subtracting and having sleepless nights over what the forgone alternative would be in your list of all very important needs. House rent or car repair or hospital bill, children’s school fees or is it food? Which needs to wait till next month?

They said, you aren’t saving enough in your youth for your old age. Then you look around, you see your hardworking boss those days who, preached and taught you to save for the rainy days, for your pension, and you wonder what happened to his all of those savings that made him not enjoy a single day of his youth. You discover his savings for decades no longer worth peanut. Inflation and devaluation have made it impossible for his savings to give him the so preached security. There is no security in capitalism you see. It’s all an illusion.

Then came the motivational speakers, Network marketers and all of that. They said, oh, if you invest you will continue to have yielding from your investment. They say you will have more time to yourself, you will be in control of your life, your future. They preach against 9 to 5 job, they say being an entrepreneur is better. Quit your job and have and run your own life. Build something for your kids, they said.

Again you jumped on it. You have a dream, a vision of who you will become. Life will be easier, you will make more money and have time to do other things you love to do, have time to spend with your family. But they didn’t tell you being an entrepreneur is a 24 hours job. That when you start your own business you will work till you drop. You will have to think, develop the strategy, learn the skills, be everything, from sales, to operation manager to customer services and marketing manager. As well as you have to make the money to be able to pay yourself the salary you ran away from. You alone face the risk. They didn’t mention all of that. They didn’t.

They didn’t tell you that you will lose friends and associates, you will be alone, you will walk a long, dry, lonely road for so long. That you will lose sleep thinking what your next strategy would be. They didn’t tell you how you would fear that after many sleepless nights and work, that at a snap of a finger your hard work could crumble and you are going to constantly hold it close like an egg. No! No one mentioned that.

They didn’t tell you about the competition out there. The fight to satisfy and woo your customers to like your business over the others. They didn’t warn you that you would need to learn to fake it, to lie through your teeth to keep being in business. They didn’t tell you, you would have to also deceive others trying to convince them to stay with you. They didn’t tell you that capitalist success of making more money means you have to cheat and cut some corners. They never said that. They didn’t tell you.

They didn’t tell you that the supposed super rich had to cheat, sometimes kill generations to gain their dominance. Even when they do gain that dominance, they still live in constant fear of being run over. They didn’t tell you.

They didn’t tell you. They didn’t tell you that you would work harder and longer, and take more risk than your 9 to 5 and that sometimes you’re not sure where your next meal will come from. They didn’t tell you there are government policies you must pay attention to and you are constantly going to be walking on an egg shell. They didn’t tell you.

Now you know. Now you see, you see you’re after all still running the same rat race like everyone else.

What’s the point of this and what is the solution to all the lies? The ultimate point and solution here is to arm you with the truth which will set you free. Set you free from the bombardment of illusions. The deceit of promise of a better life in money, in capitalism. There is no better life in living in fear of being hunted at any slightest mistake.

The real solution to a sustainable success lies within you and that is what no one is prepared to tell you because, it will not make them more money from you. You alone have the power to define your success and live within your terms of your defined success. The success you will ever enjoy is finding that which gives you joy at doing it regardless how much money it gives you. Doing what you love doing. If you love money, then do any legitimate work within the law to give you money and go ahead and spend it during your lifetime. If you love a conservative life, go ahead and be happy with your chosen 9 to 5 job if you can find any or create and small source of income generating business that will be enough to put food on your table. Knowing that no one is having it any better regardless of what they project. They also are secretly in debt just like you. The truth is everyone is owing someone somewhere.

If you love to design, write, speak, dance, run, whatever it is, do it for the joy of it. Do it because it gives you joy. Find every way to make yourself happy. At the end of the long day, we all are going to one day exit this world empty. And I’m reminded of the wise saying by the wisest man that ever lived, ‘Vanity upon vanity’.

What am I saying to you? Define your success, look for it and live as much happily as you can and never think yourself more successful than anyone or think anyone more successful than you. Stay prepared for your exit to the next life.

Stop working hard, stop working smart. Start working for the love of it, for your happiness and fulfilment.

If you can do this, you are a success.

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