Nigerian (African) youths must learn to prevent their own massacre.

Pray 4 Nigeria
The death drum has been sounding in Nigeria for over a year now. The time bomb ticking, tick-tock, tick-tock. Youths were shouting, noise all over the air waves. Those of us who read, know and understand how world politics work have been trying to tell our young people to calm down. But we are called haters and told to shut up.

There is something that is clear and needs to be understood. “It is only a living person who can plan and make changes. A dead man can never change the fate of his children.” That said, “it is only a fool who makes the same deadly mistake twice.”

Both ancient and recent history points to the same outcome and result. Yet my people have refused to learn. You don’t fight with a man with a gun using just a stick. And you do not go and pull a Lions tail if you do not intend to fight to kill it.” These are just a few of proverbs from my Igbo heritage.

What am I saying? Before it’s too late and I hope it is not. Those who have the platform, have the audience must start now to re-educate, teach Nigerian youths that, there is no International Community coming to their defence. Therefore they must learn to prevent their own massacre. This must sink in deep into their subconscious.

You only need to look around you to see this clear and printed all over history. Look at Libya, Somalia, Congo, Syria, Afghanistan, look at Nigeria in the 1966/67 war. Where was the international community? Look around you and “use your own tongue and count your own teeth.”

Common sense is knowing that, the same UK, US and even UN, you’re looking up to or hoping to come to save you, have never been able to save anyone but their own interest and that of their own citizens. You are not in their interest. The same systems that have been oppressing people who look like you can never and will never be your saviour. Sadly this is the simple truth.

This is why, we must learn to go around and through our national, tribal and religious problems carefully, watching the hand of time. Intelligence is being able to read the hand of time.

You do not argue democracy with a military junta.

Doing that is like throwing your child in a Lion’s den and then begging the Lion not to eat the child. Once you throw your child in, whatever happens from then becomes a matter of fate and grace.

When a military man takes office and spells out to you from day one who he is, believe him. When Buhari took office, he clearly spelt it out what his agenda was and is. And since then he has continued to do just that. Finding reasons to attack defenceless Igbos. Therefore, it calls for strategic measure to follow a dictator.

You don’t go threatening a man who only knows to solve problems with gun when you don’t have a gun or intend to have or have not access to any gun.
Buhari is a military dictator. He is a tribal bigot whose only agenda is to divide, revenge and oppress. He has suffered military coup and has never forgotten. Therefore arguing democracy with this man is like fighting with a raging fire and believing it will not damage property. A word they say is enough for the wise. I hope this is not too late.

My people need to calm down, learn the new ways to approach issues. Form allies both international and national who will be pushing their agenda to the right places. Secure support and audience with appropriate quarters. Just like business has moved away from street hustling to online networking and positioning. The world is shifting and you must shift with the times.

Be wise my people and do not be deceived. There is no International Community coming for you to save you. There is no United Nations with your interest as a priority. Please know this and only start what you can contain. If you can’t save yourself, don’t start a fight.

#Pray4Nigeria and share to whoever needs this important message.