How often or how easily do you say thank you? Do you say it enough?

How often or how easily do you say thank you?
Thank you, do you say it enough?
Many of us would like to have you believe they’re humble. But, the easiest way to know humble people is their sense of appreciation. The ability to utter the 2 word sentence, ‘thank you’.

So many people think the only time they should say, ‘thank you’ is when they’ve been given help. But, this is not the case. A humble person recognises that, it is necessary to appreciate when they receive help and when they give help too.

At every point you get in contact with another person whether in a chat or another way, whether you helped them or they helped you, you should thank them. It takes humility and trust for people to accept help from you and that calls for you to appreciate them. Likewise, it takes kindness, love and care for one to help you.

When people give you their time in a chat, you need to thank them for their time and for listening. When people call you to ask your opinion in their life decisions or anything, you should also thank them.
If you see the world this way, you find that you’ve truly not done anyone favours by helping them or listening to them. Rather you see that it has been a win-win and you ought to appreciate their contributions to your life experience.

Faustina Anyanwu

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