Protect your cyber space as you would your physical life.

How to stay safe on social mediaThe same precautions you take in your physical environment applies on your cyber space. You wouldn’t open yourself up to strangers without caution and having your own health and safety in place. You’re not going to let people prey on you, use, cheat and take advantage of you. Why let it happen on your cyber space too.

So many believe they’re vulnerable and helpless on social media, but that is not true. Social media gets as good or as bad as you want it. You are in control just as you are in your physical life. Are there baddies on the internet? Yes, of course. Just as their are so many opportunists all over the place. The good news is, they all have the same characteristics whether online or offline. So you’ve got to learn to apply your control when you feel anyone has crossed your line.

Earlier this year, I literally walked someone out of my inbox. She never interacts with me or acknowledge anything that I do. That fateful day, I’d made comment on and shared an author’s new book and like lightening, this lady landed on my page. Went on a like spree. Liked almost all my profile pictures in under a minute. Next ‘fiam’, she’s in my inbox.

Lady: Hey sis, how are you. It’s been a while.

Me: Hiya, I’m good and you?

Lady: very well thanks. Can I ask you for a favour?

Me : Ok. If it’s something I can do, then ok if not then I can’t.

Lady: I want to offer you opportunity to read and review my book. Blah, blah. She finished whatever.

Me: Is that why you’re contacting me after over 2 years of no interaction even though we’ve been friends?

Lady: Yes. Is that too much to ask?
Me: Can you please get out of my inbox immediately. And it’s block button next.

I know she’s gone in the air with my name telling everyone how horrible a woman I am without telling her cohorts how opportunistic she was.

Silly people. I get a lot of these type all the time. They have no singular interest in you or what you do. Once you accept their request, next thing one request or the other. Like my page, tag, inbox etc. And once they get what they want they’re out.
I have mastered their pattern now and can never fall for such abuse of my kindness.

Stay in control online, use the buttons. Unfriend, block, remove connection, unfollow, etc.